28 days to make HAPPY a daily habit!

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"28 days to make HAPPY a daily habit!"

During this course I will share with you a new HAPPY habit every day for 28 days. 

Being HAPPY is a choice we make every day. 

I have designed this course to teach you one HAPPY habit a day to LEARN it, DO it, and after 28 days, BE it!

When we treat ourselves to daily HAPPY habits, it makes the choice to be HAPPY effortless.
I have made what feels impossible POSSIBLE with this course.

You will receive an email a day for 28 days with a new HAPPY habit to LEARN and instructions on how to DO that habit for the day.  

During the day you will be asked to “check in” with yourself to see how this habit feels and how it makes you feel. 

If it feels good then keep doing it. There are no limits to feeling HAPPY!

Each day you will receive another HAPPY habit to LEARN and DO and the “BE” part of the equation is all up to you!
To make anything a habit, it takes consistency, patience, and a desire for change. 

Now is the time to say YES to being HAPPY.  

You deserve it!

My "28 days to make HAPPY a daily habit" email course includes:

  • A new HAPPY habit email daily for 28 days
  • Instructional video, description, and homework to help you LEARN & DO the HAPPY habit for the day
  • 3 recorded guided meditations to support your HAPPY habits
  • Unlimited email support throughout the course for questions, inspiration, or support
  • 50% discount HAPPY guidance call with purchase of the course ($100 value)

Why HAPPY balance?

Find your HAPPY with Cortney

Cortney is an amazing support and inspiration. Each time I talk to Cortney, I feel like all of the stress just melts away. She provides so much insight and support. Her guidance comes from such a beautiful, heart led place, you just feel so much warmth and strength. 

Her Happy Balance interviews and tips are so helpful! Listening to her, you cannot help but find your happy! 

Everyone needs Cortney in their life! 

Be supported, empowered, and loved! Find your happy with Cortney! 


Safe Place to be

I was in a sad and mad place with a few things that were happening around me that were affecting me. 

My HAPPY call with Cortney brought me out of the blues. It was a safe place to be and to talk. 

Thank you!


You've found the right place for a Happier you

Cortney is amazing. She really gets how to be happy...without being fake about it, and helps us see how we can do the little things that make us feel better each and every day!  Whenever you need a pick-me-up, find Cortney’s page or group. And if you’re looking for a long term shift into a happier you, then you’ve found the right place!!


Cortney's heartfelt Happiness concepts

The powerful questions are so deeply thought out with Cortney. Which is exactly what we need to get out of our heads and into the heart. 

Her understanding comes from true

authenticity which is hard to find! 

I recommend anyone who wants to get to the root of their pain to seek out Cortney’s heartfelt happiness concepts!


Breath of fresh air in my crazy life

A few days ago I got to get on a Happy call with Cortney.  She helped me figure out how I can take pockets of time out of my day to find my happy.

I told her my house is usually noisy and I savor my quiet time whenever I get it.

We talked about how I could practice finding quiet time throughout my day with my children. We even talked about teaching my kids how to meditate.

I know these things may sound silly. But, lots of time when we are in the middle of stressful situation it is difficult to see what's going on.

Even during our phone call my house was chatoic and we got interrupted a few times. But she remained patient and was on point with reading my energy.

6 months ago, I never would have done something like this. In fact, I probably would have laughed at you, rolled my eyes, and told you you're 10 kinds of crazy.  But, being able to be open with someone with no judgment was refreshing and much needed.

If you feel you could benefit from a Happy call I highly recommend you get on a call with Cortney. She is a breath of fresh air in my crazy life. ~Queena

Light and welcoming

My HAPPY call with Cortney was truly a breath of fresh air. Immediately I felt safe and calm, like I was talking to a dear and trusted friend. Cortney has amazing insight and is easily able to pick up on the meaning between the words. She intuitively knew what to say and not say to really allow me to open up and see things in a new way. Everything about my conversation with Cortney felt light and welcoming. For the first time in a long time I was able to set aside my anxiety and make a plan to bring more calm and presence into my life. Since our call I have made this a priority every single day! This was absolutely a HAPPY call and I wholeheartedly believe everyone deserves to have one!!



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