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Peace, Comfort, Renewed

These are the feelings I have after being with Cortney.  She has a gift which is difficult to put in to words.  It is a feeling you have after your time with her.   This is not something you learn, you are born with this ability.   I count the days, hours, minutes until my next visit with Cortney!!!!


Life Changing

My Happy Call with Cortney was honestly life changing. I did not know exactly what to expect. I was really amazed at the conversation we had, the fantastic advice she gave me, and I how I felt before and during our call. Her guidance has been so empowering and uplifting. I have taken that to all areas of my life and it has been so impactful. Cortney’s energy is so calming but energizing at the same time. It is like talking to someone you have known for years and they totally understand you. I found a new level of happy after work with Cortney and what it means for my life! I am so very grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. If you haven’t booked a call with her yet, but you have been guided to her site, please book one! You will not regret it!


Ability to Read Hearts

Having the ability to read hearts begins to describe Cortney. As a client of Cortney for about four years I can attest to her trait of treating people with reverence, kindness and compassion. Gifted with a sense of self-acceptance Cortney extends this to me contributing to my understanding of myself. Her warmth and genuine happiness creates joy in others.


Passionate about Wellness for Woman

Cortney is passionate about wellness for women.  She is very adept at finding ways to feel, look and be better, healthier and happier and she shares this insight with enthusiasm and joy and by example.  When my cup feels empty, she helps fill it and has taught me ways to keep it full.  Just writing this about her has made me smile!  Thank you, Cortney, I will miss you!  


Open and Caring Heart

Thank you for being willing to take a walk with me in one of my favorite places. I can’t thank you enough for such a beautiful connection. You’re open and caring heart makes it impossible not to share some of the deepest parts of ourselves. I am grateful for that experience and its a beautiful reminder of the gifts we carry as a result of the pain we experience earlier in life. These gifts help empower and heal others. 

Thank you for summering the take aways from our walk as well, they have been helpful these last couple of weeks through all the transition taking place. 

With deep gratitude, 


Healing Heart and Hands

I have been blessed beyond words to have Cortney in my wellness corner for the past 4 years. I am a dental hygienist of 26 years and still going strong thanks to her healing heart and hands. She provided a tranquil space where the chaos and busyness of my world melted away as she rejuvenated my aching body with her amazing reflexology and massage techniques. Cortney is a student of life and love. Her positivity radiates. I am so proud of her for continuing her quest of healing others through other avenues. She was born with wings and I will always follow her flight path.