Meet Cortney

I am an inspirational guide, light worker, and a wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils.

I am a wife and mother. 

I am a self-help junkie and live an active and wholesome lifestyle. 

Over the last 20 years, I have been helping others heal their bodies through massage therapy, reflexology, fitness and nutrition. Now I am combining everything I know, my passions, and my spirit to heal their mind, body, and soul. 

I am passionate about guiding women to discover their HAPPY, and connecting them with their "tribe," so they feel at home.  

My hope is to reach women through my travels, in person, over the phone, and through the power of social media. I want to help empower women to find love, comfort, and security within themselves.  

I believe we are all here with a spiritual gift. Through life experiences and self discovery, we find that gift.  It is our duty to use that gift to inspire and share with others. It is only then we embody our best self and find a HAPPY balance. 

My spiritual gift is helping others discover their gift. 

I feel HAPPY when I inspire, connect with others, and spread love wherever I go! 💗✌🏼


Cortney is HAPPY to help!

From the beginning I have had the entrepreneurial spirit. 

I began my service work with a literal hands on approach, providing healing massage, reflexology, fitness and nutrition for my clients. 

Along the journey I started my own online business so I could travel and ENJOY the world around me. 

I love living creatively and helping others do the same. 

As I've navigated the daily challenges of running an online business for myself (graphic design, email marketing, web design and marketing) I have LEARNED SO MUCH and have enjoyed the process of building and nurturing a community. 

Now I want to help other creative entrepreneurs do the same using the skills I've learned along the path and picking up many more as I go. 

It is my time to share what I've learned and help others balance the busyness of their business so they can CREATE more and stress LESS! 

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HAPPY expert Interview with Cortney


Today’s HAPPY expert is Cortney Alley! 

 Cortney is a passionate, confident, empathic leader, and Intuitive spiritual guide.      

 Cortney is drawn to the potential in others and is passionate about bringing it out.  She has created a business out of doing just that!

 Cortney empowers women to find their HAPPY by bringing them home to their heart and soul.  She is your intuitive spiritual guide to discover your purpose, your best self, and a HAPPY balanced life.

Finding your HAPPY with Cortney


Wow, it's 2019 already!

I think this is the perfect episode to start the new year off with. 

Cortney is committed to living a happy life and helping others find and live their happy lives, too! 

Check it out and let us know what you think.  

 Light of Conscience Episode 24

Cortney Alley of Happy Balance to talk all things "Happy" and Self-Care


I met with Cortney Alley of Happy Balance to talk all things Happy and Self-Care.  This interview was Epic!!

Learn how to care of yourself first and live an intentional life.

Ashley with "Home Intentionally."

Cortney the "HAPPY guide" interview with Terri Best


Could you take what you do now to an entirely new level?  This week's guest interview with happiness expert Cortney Ann Alley.   Cortney has built a business around her passion for helping women to find their HAPPY.   Tune in to find out what led her to this creative idea and how she's attracting people to her business online!

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